Smiling and laughing.

Smiling and laughing.

Bercerialah, do not be too serious. Relax, smile and even laugh when someone tells a funny thing. People will tend to listen to you if you are seen as a positive person. But also do not be the first person to laugh when you yourself are telling her a funny story, because you’ll seem nervous and as for pity.
Smile when you meet someone, but do not also smiled continuously as you will be deemed to store something behind your smile.

9. Keep your head straight position.

Do not look down when you talk to someone. You’ll look like uncomfortable talking with you and the other person also looks like someone who is not confident. Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesia
10. Do not rush.

It can apply to anything. For those of you who have a habit of walking fast, try to slow down your street occasionally. In addition you will look more calm and confident, you will also feel your stress level is reduced.

11. Avoid movements that show that you are nervous.

Like touching your face, shaking your leg or tapping your fingers on the table quickly. Such movements show that you are nervous and can distract the attention of the other person or people who are talking to you.

12. Efektifkan use your hands.

Instead you use your hand to the things that can disrupt your attention to the other person, as mentioned in point 11 above, it is better you use your hand to help explain what you have to say.

13. Lower the glass you drink.

Often we talk to someone while holding a glass of drink in front of our chest. This attitude is somewhat less good because it will make the ‘distance’ which is quite a distance between you and your listener. Lower the position of your drinks, even if you have to hold it up near the feet.

14. Do not stand too close.

In my article: How Knowing someone is lying, I had to review a little bit that people who change the position to be too close to each other to be signaling that he is hiding something or have a specific purpose. In addition of course, will make his interlocutor becomes uncomfortable. Always keep the ‘privacy’ between you and your listener. JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA

In the book Metaphysics, Aristotle wrote “… We must ask whether the words such as walking, sitting, there was healthy. No it is not the job of ‘walking, sitting, or pain’. Activity was considered to BOLAWIN88.COM PUSAT BANDAR TARUHAN AGEN JUDI BOLA CASINO POKER BOLATANGKAS DAN TOGEL ONLINE TERPERCAYA INDONESIA be more real because there is definitely something underlying, ie the object or person …. “In this case, Aristotle began with the fact that people do not use the verb unless they relate to the subject in his life is run jobs such as running , sitting, and pain. From this fact, Aristotle concluded that the object has a freer existence of the verb, the object was more basic than the activity.

In the late 19th century, a German philosopher, Meinong, said that any speech that is meaningful in the sentence certainly has referent (reference). If not, then said it would not be meaningful, so that the term would have been no object reference. If the object reference that can not be seen all around us, then surely the object was the existence of the other way.

In the twentieth century, there is a school of philosophy called atomism Logica. His characters are well-known among others was Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein. In this regard, Russell said inter alia: “… in the correct and logical symbolism, between facts and symbols melambangi the fact that there must have been clearly identified structure. Complexities symbol necessarily resemble the complexity dilambanginya facts. ”

In this case, Russell hinted how should that language. Correct and logical language should be melambangi clearly what is in the natural world around us.

There is another branch of philosophy concerned with the language. Branch was often called logic. Logic is the study of inference (conclusions). Logic seeks to create an inference that the criteria for separating valid from invalid. Because the reasoning that happens with the language, the inference analysis was dependent on the analysis of statements-statements that form the premise and conclusion. The study of logic opens the fact that the information is valid and whether it depends on the form of the statement containing the premise and conclusion. As for the form is the type of terms contained in the statement and also the way how the terms are
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Phase I: Age 1 year after planting during the rainy

Phase I: Age 1 year after planting during the rainy season by cutting batanag as high as 50 cm-60 cm from the ground and cutting down on the field connection. From the branches that grow maintained 3 cabng the spread direction.

> Phase II: Pruning is done on the three branches that grow after the age of 1-2 years, how leaving 1-2 sections / dashed. Shoots that grow on each branch maintained 3 buds. If more expendable. Stages pemangkasn will be obtained by
Agen Bola Terpercaya the formula 1-3-9 tree.

> Tahapa III: Age 3 tahaun, the same way as stage II, but maintained all sprouted.

Crop prosuksi

Pemangksan is to preserve the plants by cutting dead branches yanag / lkering, yanag branches grow into and under the water as well as branches that young branches that do not produce buah.Pemangkasan production aklan implemented immediately after harvest.


Pendangiran 2 times a year at the beginning and end of the rainy season, by reversing soil (pembubunan) around the glass plant pathogens agara in dead soil.


Mulching (mulch)

Mulching at the end of the rainy
Obat Pembesar Penis Vimaxseason, using straw / remnants of the former Trimmings / plant sidelines.


Minimala weed control is done 3 times a year.


To stimulate flowering Solid Organic Fertilizer use SUPER NASA with a dose of 1-2 tablespoons / 10 liters of mixed tree aiar sprayed evenly under the canopy of the tree after the second dashed (February-March) and spray NASA POC (3-4 ttp / tank) + HORMONIK ( 1ttp) per tank.

images (2)


Management of flowers and fruits is done 4 times, at the time of bud break, bud elongation, mango size (green beans) and a marble size (corn). Fertilizers are used:

Monokalasium phosphate (MKP) given before new shoots appear or bud break and at the time of bud break or bud elongation (dose of 2.5 g / l).
NASA POC given at bud break, bud elongation (4-5 doses tt / tanagki).
NASA POC (3-4 ttp) + HORMONIK (1 ttp) per tank given on mango size and marble size.


a.Tip Borer, Clumetia transverse

These caterpillars gnawing young shoots (flush) and panicles of flowers through the drill / broach
Judi Bola Online ing or panicle flowers wilt, dry and damaged as a result of nutrient transport stops and then die. Control: the branch is cut and burned infected shoots, pendangiran to turn off the pupa, spraying PESTONA.

b.Thrips (Scirtothropis dorsalis)

Thrips This pest is often referred to as the red striped yanag first abdominal segment there is a red line. These pests but to attack the young leaves as well as flowers with piercing and sucking fluids from the epidermis. Leaves and fruit, place the puncture could be an advanced source of disease. Looks like burning leaves, brown and menggelinting. If interest diketok-word of the hands and below dtaruh pedestal with white paper will look much thrips that fell. Control: the young shoots are cut and burned attacked, catching the yellow traps, regular pruning, spraying with BVR or PESTONA.

c.Ulat Phylotroctis sp

Slightly brown color (different from the color green Clumeti sp) often broaching the base of the panicle candidate bunga.Telur Phyloctroctis sp. Hatch and mature attack young fruit stalk (nipple). Young fruit abscission layer in the fall because of festering black fruit stalk. Active at night. Pnegendalian: PESTONA.

d.Seed borer, Noorda albizonolis

The gnawing pests of fruit in this part of the tip or the middle and generally leaving a trace
Pulau Pramuka of dirt and often lead to broken pieces. These caterpillars directly broaching rotten fruit seeds and fruit consequently fall. In contrast to the broaching Black fruit borer at the base of the fruit. Holes can hoist as a source of disease. Controls: Wrapping fruits, collect fruits attacked and burned, spray PESTONA.